Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker Review

Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker Review

Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Marshall Tufton absolute beast of a Bluetooth speaker. 

It is a portable speaker which is technically you can pick up and carry it when you need, but of course, at five kilos, you won’t want to be lugging it far.

It’s basically designed to be drugs acting to the god, and when needed carried from room to room.

The Marshall Tufton speaker stands at almost 14 inches tall and it resembles a guitar amp, even the very handy carry handle is designed to look just like a guitar strap, which is a really nice detail. 

The leathery surface seems to be very hardware, and from a testing time so far, I was happy to just chuck the Tufton in a heap of soil and knockabout without worrying over ruining the aesthetics. 

We get plastic corners as well to help out with the general ruggedness. 

Unfortunately, Tufton isn’t fully water-resistant, unlike some rivals.  An IPX2 rated speaker survived water dripping on it from above at an angle of normal around 15 degrees for around 10 minutes. If you spray off splash water on the thing otherwise it’s fine to use outside in a light downpour.

Tufton is nice and easy as well. All you need to do is turn the speaker on and then press the Bluetooth button on the side. There is a sound that means it is now in pairing mode then just dive into the settings on your connected device. You should see it pop up on the menu there. All you need to do is select it and boom.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity tends to steer strong up to a range of about 10 to 12 meters. After that, it starts to occasionally get a little bit jitter.

Keep your smartphone, your tablet wherever you are streaming for fairly close to the Tufton to avoid that kind of jitter and cuts out and with your Tufton wirelessly connected.

The crazy sound that this beastly blaster offers smashing up to a 102dB and it isn’t one or directional. Either you do get a rear face and drive it in there too. The sound is more powerful coming from the front but you can still position it.

The Tufton is fairly close to the middle of an area and you get a pretty decent spread of audio.

 it’s optimized full support for app-text streaming as you can see there though there’s no support for up to X HD sadly it doesn’t matter too much as the sound quality is still the mutt’s nuts.

You will love proper physical controls for the bass and the treble as well as the volume. So you can tinker around to get your preferred output and the difference is an immediately clear knock that bass up and the results are pounding so rock and dance enthusiasts are sorted a little.

Thankfully, those thrashing guitars and panel drums don’t drown out the vocals on any of the songs that we tested either as if the design and everything else didn’t already give it away. This thing is built for rock and mellow music but everything else we tested including classical up to happy hardcore sounds nice and crisp and clear and full-bodied.

Unfortunately, those controls are limited to the volume the bass and the treble there’s no way to play or pause your tracks or skip them either which is a bit of a shame of course. 

One of the other benefits of this massive speaker is the seriously capacious battery. I’ve found that you get almost 16 hours of life from a full charge. Pretty much unheard of from any other Bluetooth speakers that I’ve tested with a 100%. Recharge was taken just under three hours so basically if you want a great sound and wireless Bluetooth speaker that you can take away all weekend long and not have to worry about plugging it back in or anything just go for this beast.

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