Marshall Kilburn 2 Review - A Stout-Hearted Hero

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Indigo)

Although most speaker manufacturers these days are manufacturing their speakers in a vividly colored fabric mesh or building in a light feature, Marshall emphasizes on using the same vintage design that has served them for decades. Marshall speakers are made for those who believe in value, not in price. If you are a Marshall fan, be proud of yourself as you have a great taste of sound.

Marshall Kilburn 2 comes with a premium packaging with a large box. It consists of a micro USB charging cable, legal and safety information, user manual. Coming to physical appearance, it’s simply mind-blowing. Marshall Kilburn 2 is a very immeasurable speaker in its own right and it can be a great choice for someone who wants something that looks a little more sophisticated.

It has a solid metal grill on the front, a strong rubberized body that’s built to look like tripped leather, and a non-removable carrying band that’s arranged in red velvet. The carrying strap does feel firm and has a great amount of stretch to it.

On top of the speaker, there is a pairing button and three knobs are present. The knobs were designed so preciously that it will take you in some vintage era of the tape recorder. The round designed knobs work very smoothly and effortlessly. The first knob is of volume and turns on/off, the second is for bass, and the third is for treble. Near the treble knob, there is a LED indicator that indicates the battery level. At the backside of the speaker, you will find the charging port, audio jack, second speaker that make this speaker multi-directional.

Marshall Kilburn 2 is a 36-watt speaker with a single frontward firing woofer and dual tweeters. When its come to sound quality, it is going to impress you at all level and all types of music. This device can fill a big living room or bedroom with its impressive bass and treble. It features a bass reflector that executes a good amount of that delicious bass out the back of this speaker. 

You are attending to notice an honest quantity of performance improvement if you employ this speaker up against a wall. The Kilburn 2 by no means that sounds muddy, however, once instrumentals get going, everything simply tends to mix. You’ll hardly found any distortion at the best volume.

Battery backup on the Kilburn 2 is also pretty impressive. They advertise a 20 hour plus battery life on this speaker but in my testing, with the volume set at 60%, Kilburn 2 managed to lasts almost 13 hours. Unfortunately, the battery backup depends on the intensity of bass and treble. If you set bass and treble on the five-level, and volume at 50-60%, you will get around 15 hours of backup. Surprisingly, if you plug this speaker in for 20 minutes from a dead, you’re going to get 3 hours of playback time. Credit goes to fast charging technology.

Thankfully, Kilburn 2 is coming with Bluetooth 5.0 instead of Bluetooth 4.2 like most other recently released speakers. This speaker supports AptX HD which is good. If you are an Android user, this feature will improve your listening experience.

What I really miss?

Marshall Kilburn features an IPX2 rating i.e. water resistance. I think the speaker should be waterproof so that we can enjoy its legendary sound near the beach and pool parties.

Another improvement that I want to mention is a multifunction button. I think manufacturers limit physical controls on this device. The multifunction button must be there as most of their models have multifunction buttons. The multifunction button is essential to play or pause your music or to skip a track. 

Q.: Can we take a call on the speaker?

A.: No, there is no facility to take a call on the speaker.

Q.: What options are available to connect the device?

A.: Bluetooth and AUX connection are there to connect the speaker.

Q.: Is there any official app for mobile to control the speaker

A.: No. There is no app to control the speaker

Q.: is Kilburn mono or solo?

A.: Marshall Kilburn is a Stereo Bluetooth speaker

Q.: How much time does it take to get fully charged from 0 to 100%?

A.: Kilburn 2 takes nearly 3 hours to get fully charged. However, on the 20 minutes of charging, this device performs up to 3 hours effortlessly.

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