Marshall Stanmore 2 Review-The Most Versatile Speaker

Marshall Stanmore 2 Review

Do you know vintage products add a more elegant look in your living room?

When it comes to vintage music systems, no one can match Marshal Stanmore 2. If you are a true music lover and need a vintage Bluetooth speaker, then this is the best option in the market. Generally, Marshall is a very popular Bluetooth speaker manufacturer and you will fall in love with their technology. No matter whether you need a speaker for a small room or a large, it will fulfill your desire.

Inside the box, you will get the power cord that came with the unit, a quick start guide, and several pages in different languages of some legal disclaimers. The box looks very attractive

Design and Physical Appearance

The design of the speaker is so classy that no one can dare to ignore its presence. The speaker consists of wooden cabinet construction that helps to provide a warm natural sound for a refined and better audio experience.

Premium leather is wrapped around the speaker that looks very impressive. At the front of the speaker, you will get a classic look with an iconic marshall design that is combined with contemporary technology to deliver a superior audio experience. A marshall logo on the front grille adds more attraction to the speaker.

At the top of the speaker, you will get typical control buttons with the same vintage design. There is an audio jack if you want to plug in your 3.5-millimeter jack. There are a total of 6 buttons to control the speaker.

Source select button helps you to select the mode like Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, etc.
Volume- It helps to increase or decrease the overall volume

Bass-If you want more bass for some specific songs, you can increase it by simply rotating the knobs.
Treble– Not every song needs to play in bass mode, few are better with the treble. Here you can adjust the treble.
Play/Pause– Without using a phone, you can play/pause songs directly on the speaker
Power knob– This is one of the best designs of a power knob.
Three knobs that offer a little bit of resistance, meaning it’s not very easy to turn. It’s got a little bit of tension as you turn it which is how it should be.

You’ll see there is no indication, no little indentation or labeling to tell you if you’re at zero or ten what happens is when you switch this on it kind of sets itself at a default starting position.
so it doesn’t matter how many times you turn it which is quite an interesting feature. But when you turn on the speaker, you will notice the small lines that illuminate around the knob. These LEDs indicate the level of volume which looks outstanding.

Sound Quality

The low-end is simply amazing. If you’re someone who likes listening to a bass guitar but in the very low notes i.e. under 80 Hertz, then you’ll be impressed at how well the speaker can handle those notes. When it comes to mids and high, you will see how hard the woofer will work.

But interestingly when we increased the bass from 50 to 100 %, it didn’t make any difference. I think this thing has intelligent clipping here and what it does is when it seems that you’re gonna overdrive this little bass driver it won’t allow it. So that means that you ain’t gonna pop this thing because I had the bass at 50%, then went and made it a hundred percent effectively doubling it but the bass didn’t double meaning that this thing is intelligent.

Overall, this speaker is not easy to carry as it has some weight and big size. This typical vintage speaker is the best option for indoor purposes. You can not use it as an outdoor speaker. It produces clean and precise audio, even at the highest levels, due to advanced components such as two 15 watt class D amplifiers powering its tweeters and a 50-watt class D amplifier to drive its mighty subwoofer.

Do I recommend the Marshall Stanmore 2?

See, Marshall is a very premium brand and you can not expect all features like waterproof technology, or long-lasting battery backup. These kinds of brands have very few customers but they know the value of it. So, if your budget allows you, then you can go for it without a second thought. It will deliver your next-level music experience.

Question:- Is this speaker chargeable?

Answer:- No. It has a 3 pin power plug and needs a powerpoint to operate.

Question:-Does it have built in alexa?

Answer:-Not all models have built in alexa, but new models does have.

Question:-Can we connect it to TV?

Answer:- Yes. By using cable, we van connect it to TV

Question:-What is the highest output of the speaker?

Answer:- 80 Watt.

Question:-Does it include AUX cable?

Answer:- No

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