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Marshall Stockwell 2 Review

Marshall stockwell 2 review

Stockwell 2 is one of the most lightweight Bluetooth speakers from legendary brand Marshall. 20+ Hours of portable playtime, pint-sized frame, multi-directional sound, and guitar inspired carry strap make it perfect for you. If you are interested, let’s dig into Marshall stockwell 2 review.

From a design perspective, you’ll see this is quite different from the previous version and almost aims to serve a distinct market altogether. This thing is much more portable than previous model making. It seems aimed at the summer beach-going crowd more than anything else.

The speaker comes protected with a nice sheet of durable plastic. You’ll also find the manual and the red velvet carrying strap tucked on the side. 

Digging a bit further, you’ll also find the USB C cable for charging. This is obviously a big plus in terms of connectivity, and it’s good to see Marshall future-proofing a Bluetooth speaker like this, especially at its hefty price tag. 

The speaker reveals a very solidly built device and definitely has some weight. The speaker does have rugged silicon protecting the edges and corners, but you don’t want to drop this from very tall heights. 

The drivers are protected by a metal mesh on the front and back. much like Marshalls premium amplifiers. 

Now similar to the previous design, up top, you will have your control knobs. You have your volume knob and two separate controls for bass and treble, much as you find on a guitar amp bearing the same brand name. 

You also have a Bluetooth button to assist you to connect and the battery indicator light, which displays vertically much like a volume or gain level display. 

On the side, you have a USB C charging port as well as a 3.5-millimeter input in case one of your friends wants to plug in a Sony Walkman in the year 2020. 


Speaking of charging, the speaker offers a quick charge. A feature often found in premium headphones. It means, just 15 minutes of charging time, it will give you up to six hours of playtime.

It is a great feature if you forget to charge your speaker for that epic beach party. 

You can essentially get a full day’s worth of tunes in just 15 minutes. A full charge takes around 5 hours. 


The speaker uses blue Lim stereo sound construction, which fires audio out the front, and back providing a multi-directional experience immersing you.

On the inside, you have a 110 watt Class D amplifier for the woofer and two 5 watt Class D amps for the tweeters. 

The treble and bass knobs are great, and you can transform your song soundscape on the fly by boosting either bass or treble.

The sound quality is fairly impressive as it can fill the medium-sized room with bass. We get a well-balanced natural sound. 

There’s no real lag if you decide to watch a video pair to the speaker. Also, a quick note, there is no microphone. It means you cannot make or receive phone calls using the unit. 

Overall, this is a significant lifestyle Bluetooth speaker built for the road. It is a great stylish summer speaker that will certainly get you some looks when carrying it out.

The 360 degrees sound is adequate to fill the room. Audio quality is a bit low, and volume is still worthy enough to carry the Marshall brand name into the next decade.

Stockwell 2 is a great portable speaker for folks who like to tweak their sound on the go.

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