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boAt Stone 170 Review

boat stone 170

boAt Stone 170 is a portable Bluetooth speaker which is available at an affordable price. The speaker is packed with several features like micro SD card support, decent battery back up, sturdy design, etc.

Inside The Box

When you unbox the boAt Stone 170, you will find a lot of stuff inside. First of all, you will get a Bluetooth speaker.

Two cables come in the box. One is a charging cable, and another is aux cable. If your device has no Bluetooth option, then you can connect it via cable. The speaker is covered in plastic.

Apart from this, you will get some instruction manual and warranty card. 

Design And Build Quality 

The speaker looks very portable, and you can hold it in one hand. The shape of the speaker is unique and not like conventional Bluetooth speakers.

High-quality fabric is wrapped around the speaker that makes the speaker sturdy and durable. The top and the bottom face edges are made up of durable plastic and faces have rubber-like material. A rubber ring present at the bottom to hold the speaker steady while playing extra bass songs. 

The speaker comes with four operating buttons that are present at the top side. These buttons include a multifunction button, volume, up & down button, and connectivity button.

Also, there is a small hole near the buttons, which is for the microphone. A small LED indicator gives you a notification about battery level warning, pairing status, etc. 

There is a rubber flap under which charging port, SD card port, and aux port are available. Overall, the speaker looks well finished and long-lasting.

A hand strap is present to hang the speaker where you want.

Sound Quality

The speaker has a 5w output, and it is loud enough to fill a small room. The lows and mids are crisp and clear. The sound gets distorted at the volume of more than 90%, but it’s not a big deal as it is a meager budget Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker has a lack of base as it comes with a single 5W speaker. If you want to enjoy the stereo effect, you can connect another Stone 170 speaker.

The stereo effect gives left and right-hand side sound effects, and you will really appreciate it. The speaker has a decent output and will be an excellent option for those who are not a fan of extra bass.

Battery Performance

Coming with 1800 mAh capacity, the boAt Stone 170 speaker lasts up to 5 hours at the volume level of 60%. The backup time may vary from user to user as many factors affect it like volume level, music type, etc. It takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged.


The speaker is IpX6 rated, which means it can survive in the rain. You can not get deep into the water as it is a water-resistant speaker.

The most exciting part of the speaker is it has micro SD card support, and you can enjoy the song by inserting a card directly.

The speaker’s call quality is also up to mark, and you can hear a clear voice from both ends.

The only drawback I found in the speaker is its Bluetooth range. The speaker tends the lose its connectivity even after 15 feet.

Final Words

So, is it worth spending near one thousand rupees on a boAt Stone 170 speaker?

My answer is YES.

The speaker is providing a lot of features in such a small amount. A durable design, good battery backup, SD card support in just around one thousand rupees is a great deal. And the most important is you will get a speaker form a well-reputed brand, i.e., boAt. If you are ready to spend one thousand rupees for the speaker, then go for it.


Question:- What is the actual Bluetooth range of speakers?

Answer:- You will get a 10-meter range but after 6-7 sound gets break gradually.

Question:-Is it sufficient to fill the big living room?

Answer:- It depends on room size, but a small room can definitely get filled with sound. 

Question:-How many hours can it sustain if we played at medium volume?

Answer:- Nearly 4 to 5 hours.

Question:-Is the adapter comes with a speaker?

Answer:- No.

Question:-What is the output of the speaker?

Answer:- This is a 5W speaker.


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