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boAt Stone 1400 Review

boat stone 1400 review

boAt Stone 1400 is an unexpected guy from the series Stone. If you see their previous models like Stone 190, Stone 650, Stone 260, etc., they are just primary Bluetooth speakers like normal. But this monster is complete out of box product. I am also shocked when they release this Bluetooth speaker.

Inside The Box

boAt Stone 1400 arrives in a large box. The box consists of a lot of protection foam that secures the Bluetooth speaker. It includes a Bluetooth speaker, USB type-c charging cable, Aux cable, some instruction manual and, a warranty card. The way they pack this speaker is awe-inspiring.

Design and Build Quality

When you look at the speaker, it gives you a premium feel. The speaker seems very sturdy and has some weight. The whole speaker is made up of high-quality plastic except the front grill, which is made of metal. At the front side, you will get a metal grill on which a boAt logo is present.

Underneath the grill, there are two 10 W built-in massive subwoofers and two 5 W twitters present. It means it gives you a 30-watt powerful output. On top of the speaker, you get a strong, durable, flat adjustable strap. Also, there is a microphone, five control buttons and LED indicators are available. The buttons consist of a power on/off, volume down, play/pause, volume up, and an indoor/outdoor mode button.

Two passive bass radiators are present on the left and right sides of the speaker. Three ports i.e., type-c port, aux port, and USB port, are present at the backside, covered under a rubber flap. Overall, the speaker seems premium.

Sound Quality

If we talk about sound quality, it is brilliant. In terms of the highs, this handles the highs like a boss. If you heard this speaker up to 90% volume, nothing was tampered with, and the highs never crack. But after a 90% volume level, it feels a little bit distorted. Vocals are rich, smooth, wholesome, and sound so good and so pleasant. You know it’s such an enjoyable experience to listen to vocals.

As soon as you go to the outdoor mode, it amplifies all three frequencies about 20 to 30%, so highs amplify their sounds even sharper, the vocals get even more explicit, and the bass gets a bit punchier. 

But I think in the outdoor mode, it mainly caters to the highs & mids, and the bass is unaffected. So it’s like it was in the indoor mode. I would suggest unless you have a huge hall where you have to get the sound across the back of the room, leave an indoor mode, and you’ll have the best audio experience. But if you need to really rock the house, go for outdoor mode.

Battery Performance

This speaker has a battery having 2500 mAh capacity. The boAt has claimed 7 hours battery backup, but at the volume of 70%, it can survive up to 5 hours. I think this speaker deserves more than 5000 mAh battery so that we can enjoy this monster for a long time.


The speaker is water-resistant, and you can enjoy it in the bathroom and even in light rain too. 

Call quality is up to mark, and you can hear a clear voice on both sides.

The only disappointment with the speaker is its sound quality via aux cable connection. The sound quality via aux cable connection is poor, and it will disappoint you.


So the question is, is it worth spending around five to six thousand on this beast?

I would say a big YES.

See, this speaker satisfies you in all manner. If you go for the same specifications in JBL or Sony, you will not get the same deal in this budget. The speaker is genuinely made for bass lovers. Don’t think much if you need a real monster to enjoy bass- riched songs.

Question:- Does this speaker enough for a medium-sized room?

Answer:- Definitely. It will fill a medium-sized room with a great amount of sound.

Question:- Which type of adaptor can be used with type c charging cable in boat stone 1400?

Answer:- You can use any type of adapter. 

Question:- Can we attach Pendrive and play songs

Answer:- Yes, we can.

Question:- Can we connect multiple boat stone 1400?

Answer:- You can connect only two speakers for the stereo effect.

Question:- How do we know the battery is full?

Answer:- During charging, LED indicators show red color. When the speaker gets fully charged, it turns off.


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