boAt Stone 190-The Most Affordable Speaker For Indoor

boAt Stone 190 Review

boat stone 190

boAt Stone 190 is the affordable, waterproof, lightweight, portable, and durable Bluetooth speaker. 

Inside The Box

When you unbox the boAt Stone 190 Bluetooth speaker, you will get the speaker itself, charging cable,  user manual, and warranty card. All stuff keeps neatly in the box. 

Design And Build Quality


The boAt Stone 190 has a sturdy design with a matt finish look that attracts everyone’s eyes. At the front of the speaker, you will get a premium mesh design. Also, there are three buttons present on the mesh.

The buttons consist of a volume up, volume down, and play/pause button. An LED is present just below the play/pause button, which is served as an indicator for various operations.

The other two buttons are grooved on one side of the speaker. These two buttons are for power on/off and mode selection. All buttons are tactile and do their job effortlessly.

A rubber flap is present at another side of the speaker. Inside the rubber flap, two ports are present. i.e., one is a micro USB charging port, and another is a 3.5mm audio jack. If your device is not compatible with Bluetooth, then you can connect your device to Bluetooth speaker via cable. Apart from it, you get a hand strap to hang the speaker. 

The speaker is exceptionally lightweight, weighing 150 grams. The size of the speaker is also small, and you can hold it in your palm comfortably.

The overall design of the speaker looks sturdy and well finished.

Sound Quality

The speaker’s sound quality is up to mark, and it does an excellent job if you consider its price.

The speaker has a 52mm driver that offers an immersive audio experience. A 5W output speaker draws sufficient audio to fill a small room.

If we talk about the lows and mids, it’s naturally balanced. Highs seem to be unclear, and the speaker gets distorted at high volume.

The base is a little bit low, but it’s a low budget speaker, and you can not expect a large base at this price. The loudness of such a small speaker is impressive, and you won’t believe that the speaker’s sound comes.

Hence the speaker is perfect for one room entertainment like watching movies, listening to music, performing some gym exercises, etc.

Battery Performance

The battery capacity of boAt Stone 190 is 800 mAH. The boAt has claimed the battery backup of 4 hours, and you will back up at 60-70% percentage.

The speaker gets fully charged within two hours, from zero to a hundred percent. I think the battery should perform at least 5 hours at a medium level. 


The speaker is coming with an IPX7 rating. An IPX7 rating protects your Bluetooth speaker from splash, rain, etc. Hence you can enjoy music in the bathroom, and in the rain too.

Another great feature of the speaker is TWS. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo, which allows you to connect two boAt Stone 190 speakers. When you connect in TWS, one speaker acts as left, and another acts as a right-hand side speaker. Now you can enjoy the stereo effect.

The speaker is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. This is a massive thing. Even most of the high priced Bluetooth speakers are using the 4.2 version.

Final Words

So, should we go for it?

I will say YES.

The boAt Stone 190 has several features like IPX7 rating, TWS, Bluetooth 5.0, etc. And believe me, you will not find such features at a meager price. 

Hence, if you need a speaker for indoor usage with decent sound, this is the best option.


Question:- Can we take calls on this speaker?

Answer:- Yes. It features a mic.

Question:- Are there buttons to control bass and treble?

 Answer:- No, but it does have a good amount of bass.

Question:- Is it ok to use outdoor?

Answer:- No problem at all, but the speaker is water resistance hence cant survive in heavy rain or deep water

Question:- What is the power output of the speaker

 Answer:- 5 Watt

Question:- Is it fit in a pocket?

Answer:- Yes, it can

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