boAT Rugby Review- An Antique Design In Affordable Price

boAt Rugby Review

boAt Rugby review

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker with an out-of-board design with decent performance at an affordable price, boAt Rugby 10W speaker is the answer.

Here is the boAt Rugby Review :

The speaker is available around one thousand and five hundred Indian rupees, and you will have almost all decent features. The boat rugby is made of a rubber material hugging the metal grille on both sides which hides two drivers, a passive radiator, and a LED indicator. 

The rubber is supposed to be not glued-like; nevertheless, it’s sturdy, well-built, and has no flex.  The speaker itself is not really big, and it’s pretty portable. 

The top of the speaker features the power button, volume up & down, a multi-function Bluetooth answer/decline, and a play/pause button. 

On one side of the speaker, you can find the micro USB charging port and auxiliary port. There is no protection flap to cover this port. Hence you need to take some extra care to secure these ports from dust and water too.

Talking about the cables, boAt rugby is bundled with a short charging cable and an auxiliary cable, which I always appreciate. 

The speaker has an inbuilt Microphone to make calls. You can receive or reject the calls from this speaker. Call clarity is also up to mark.

Pairing is simple, as always. Turn ON the Bluetooth speaker, and it goes automatically into a pairing mode, and the fast blinking blue LED turns into a slow blinking blue LED with the vocal confirmation. 

The speaker is not waterproof or water-resistant. So, it’s not an outdoor speaker, and you can not listen to music in the bathroom.

When it comes to sound quality, I was pretty impressed by its performance. The bass was excellent; it’s pleasant to hear without overpowering. The mids and highs were good without being too sharp. Instrumentals also sounded good.

Unfortunately, the boAt Rugby doesn’t get loud even at 60 percent volume, which was shocking considering it has a 10 watt output. I had almost to crank up the volume to 80%. It gets loud at 100%, but all the speakers I’ve tested thus far were very listenable at just 50 to 60% of the volume on my phone and speaker. The speaker doesn’t disturb that much at the highest volume, which is really lovely. Maybe it’s because of the low volume I don’t know overall it’s an excellent sounding speaker for the price.

The Bluetooth range was also good, doing my usual test of leaving the speaker in my bedroom and walking around my house so it didn’t lose connection. But when I try to take it to my car parking, it lost contact, but that’s pretty normal without direct line-of-sight.

On the boAt Rugby is nothing except it works as it’s claimed as always. With most Bluetooth speakers, there is no way to tell the exact battery life. The company claims around 8 hours of battery life, and in my testing, at 55 percent volume, I got an extra hour than what was claimed before it finally died. The speaker from the dead to full takes around 3 hours, and the red LED indicator will turn off once charged. You can use the speaker while it’s charging. 

Overall, BoAt Rugby is a decent Bluetooth speaker with a unique design.

If you want a speaker that has excellent battery life, sound quality and doesn’t mind a little bigger size or a unique design, go with the boAt Rugby you’ll love.

Question:- How much time does it take to get fully charged?

Answer:- 3 hours approximately

Question:- How do we know whether it is charged fully or not?

Answer:- There is a LED indicator.

Question:- Is return policy available for this speaker

Answer:- No. In case of a damaged product, you will get a replacement.

Question:-  Can we play songs while charging the speaker?

Answer:- Yes, we can play songs while charging.

Question:- Can we shuffle the songs by using buttons?

Answer:-  No, we can’t.

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