What Is Ingress Protection Rating Like IP67, IP68, IPX7?

Ingress Protection


Have you ever wondered about the numbers written in specifications of electronics gadgets like IP67, IPX7, IP68, etc.? 

You may have seen these ratings on Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and other so many gadgets. The IP rating is one of the significant factors that people consider before buying electronic gadgets. The usage of these products are not limited, and it gets used by billions of people for outdoor purposes.

Ingress protection is also known as IP rating or ingress protection rating. The IP rating gives information about whether the device can resist dust particles/water or not. 

There is an organization (International Electrotechnical Commission) which is dedicatedly working on this type of testing. A lot of companies send their product for testing, they perform various testings to ensure its protection from dust and water. These tests are conducted in high-pressure water and temperature at different angles.

How to read ingress protection rating?

Ingress protection rating


In the above rating:

IP = Ingress Protection

1st X = Protection from solid particles

where X =X,0,1,2,3,4,5,6

2nd X = Protection from water particles

where X = X,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,6k,8,9k

To see what these numbers are indicating, check out the following charts.

Ingress Protection chart A- Protection against Solid


Protection against Solid

No data available
No protection
> 50 mm gap for entry
> 12 mm gap for entry
> 2.5mm gap for entry
> 1 mm
Dust protect
Dust tight

From the above table, we can get an idea about the various levels of ingress protection. Level 0 to 4 are applicable for large electronic devices, while 5 and 6 are applicable for smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, etc. So, if your gadget is armed with an IP6 rating, you don’t have to worry about any dust particle. You can use it everywhere. 

Ingress Protection chart B- Protection against Liquid


Protection against Solid

No data available
No protection
Vertically dripping water
Dripping water when tilted at 15 degree
Water spray at any angle from 0 to 60 degree
Splashing of water at any direction
Jet of water from any direction
Powerful water jet
Powerful water jets with more pressure
3 meter Water immersion for upto 30 minute
More than 3 meter water immersion for 30 minutes
High temperature( upto 80 degree) & water jet

From the above chart, we can understand the various levels of gadgets protection against liquid. 

Some models have protection against solid only, while some have against liquid only. For a few models, both protection is available

To understand this, let’s check some examples.


JBL Clip 3 is an IPX7 rated Bluetooth speaker.

In the above device, 1st X represents the protection against the solid, and there is no data available. The 2nd digit (7) represents the protection against the liquid. As mentioned in table B, this device is waterproof i.e., it can survive in up to 3-meter immersion of water for 30 minutes. In short, JBL Clip 3 can sustain in water but not in the dust. 


Sony SRS XB 12 is an IP67 rated Bluetooth speaker.

In the above device, the 1st digit represents the protection against the solid, and it shows level 6 protection. Level 6 protection ensures that the device is dustproof. The 2nd digit represents the protection against the liquid, and it shows level 7 protection. Level 7 protection ensures that the device is waterproof. In short, Sony SRS XB 12 can perform in the dust as well as water. We can use this device near the pool, on the beach, in the bathroom, etc.


Realme smart band comes with an IP68 rating. Number 6 shows the smart band is dustproof, and number 8 indicates that it can survive in more than 3-meter water immersion that is significant.

Some reputed brands like Apple, Samsung have IP rated smartphones, but they cost very high. 

Please note that, although your gadgets are waterproof or dustproof, don’t overtry to use them in dust or water. The testings are conducted in some ideal conditions, and it may cause damage. Also, if your gadget is waterproof and gets damaged due to water, the company will not take responsibility. So, don’t be so relaxed while using it in water or dust.

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