boAt Stone 650-Attractive Diamond Shaped Mesh Design

boAt Stone 650 Review

boat stone 650

In every industry, there is one company that is always trying to do some experiments. The boAt is one of those who are still there to change their designs and features of their Bluetooth speaker continuously.

The boAt Stone 650 is the speaker with an antique muscular shape packed with great features at affordable prices.

Inside The Box

The boAt Stone 650 comes with a typical box that consists of a speaker itself, user manual, warranty card, a 3.5 audio cable. You can use this audio cable to connect the non-Bluetooth devices. 

Design And Build Quality

The design of the speaker looks very sturdy and has some weight. The speaker has a dotted diamond-shaped mesh. The left hand and the right-hand side has a smooth silicon-coated finish.

If you look at the front side, there is a logo of boAt. Also, a microphone and LED indicator are present at the side edges of the front side. You will find all other functions on the right-hand side of the speaker.

Typical control buttons are present on one side. It has volume up, volume down, power on/off, play/pause, forward, backward buttons. All buttons work excellently well.

On the backside, there is a rubber flap. Inside the flap, three ports are present i.e., charging port, a micro SD card, and audio port. Surprisingly, the boAt stone 650 comes with an audio cable. This cable served as a connection between the speaker and the non-Bluetooth device.

The speaker has two passive bass radiators with a capacity of 5 W each.  The overall design looks robust.

Sound Quality

The Stone 360 sounds really good. The base is more refined and profound, and not blasting just for the sake of being booming. The vocals and mids are as same as any typical same range speaker.

If we are talking about its highs, it’s not that loud. Also, the speaker gets distorted after 90% volume. If you want to listen to some classical hits or something like instrumentals, the speaker works perfectly fine.

This speaker is perfect for indoor usage for a small and medium-sized room. You can enjoy Youtube movies too.

Battery Performance

The battery of boAt Stone 650 does an excellent job for such a low priced speaker. The battery capacity of the speaker is 1800 mAh.

If you play the songs at the volume of 60-70%, you will easily get 7 hours battery backup. Again, the battery performance depends on the quality of content that you are playing on Bluetooth speakers.

Charging the battery fully takes nearly 3 hours using any 5W or 10W charger. 


The boAT Stone 650 comes with an IPX5 rating. IPX5 rating ensures the speaker performs in a splash of water. You can use this speaker in the rain or in the bathroom—don’t deep the speaker in the pool for a long time.

When you use the audio cable instead of the Bluetooth connection, there is a noise that appears continuously from the speaker, which is irritating.

But don’t worry about the noise as it will disappear after you play a song. I think this is not a big deal as most of us use the speaker by using a Bluetooth connection.

The only disappointment with the speaker is its Bluetooth range. Generally, all Bluetooth speakers have 10m Bluetooth range, but this speaker starts to lose its connectivity before you reach 10m distance. If you put the speaker near the phone, there is no problem at all.

Final Words

Overall, the boAt Stone 650 is an affordable speaker that is available around two thousand rupees. The speaker has excellent build quality, water resistance feature, SD card support, etc. If you need a speaker for just home entertainment, go for it.


Question: Can we connect a pen drive to this speaker?

Answer: No, there is no USB connection.

Question: How much time does it take to get fully charged?

Answer: 3 hours approximately.

Question: Can we play songs while charging?

Answer: Yes, we can play songs while charging the speaker.

Question: Can we charge it by fast charging chargers?

Answer: No.

Question: Is it a mono or stereo speaker?

Answer: Its a stereo speaker.

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