Is It Worth to Upgrade Bose SoundLink Colour 2?

Bose SoundLink Colour 2


  • Great Connectivity
  • Clean Vocals and Instrumental
  • Voice Assistant Integration
  • Voice Prompts
  • Rugged Finishing
  • No Waterproof
  • Bass is Not Up To Mark


5.6 x 12.7 x 13.2 cm


544 Grams

Battery Backup

6 Hours approx.

Charging Time

3 Hours approx.

bose soundlink colour 2
  • 1 Bluetoooth Speaker
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Waranty Card

The new Bose Soundlink color 2 Bluetooth speakers are coming with the coral red color, aquatic blue, polar white, and soft black that look so attractive. This is the premium quality speaker with an excellent quality sound.

Inside The Box

Inside of the box, you will get the Bose Soundlink color 2 Bluetooth speaker; then, you will get some literature, safety instructions, some support pamphlet, a micro USB cable, which is micro USB to USB 2.0 for charging. Keep in mind that no wall adapter comes with this. You get the micro USB cable, so to charge this thing, you’re going to have to either connect it to your computer or if you have your USB wall adapter.

Build Quality And Physical Appearance

The speaker looks very rugged as it is covered with soft touch silicon. At the front side of the speaker, you will get the Bose logo. The top on the front, we have a perforated speaker grille. At the back, we have another speaker grille.

At the side, we have the micro USB port and the 3.5-millimeter aux port. So, if your device does not have a Bluetooth chip in it, you don’t have to worry. You can plug in through your AUX port right there directly into the speaker.

On the top side, we have a variety of different buttons. Starting on the left side, we have the power button, a Bluetooth pairing button, an input selection button you tell the device whether you want to connect with Bluetooth, or use that aux port that was showing you.

On the side, we have a volume down, volume up. A multi-function button that allows you to do a variety of things, including hitting play/pause, skip tracks, answer your phone calls. When you’re paired with your phone, and then you can even tap it for Siri or Google.

Sound Quality

I am really impressed with the audio quality from this speaker, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all, especially considering its size, which is pretty small. So mostly you’re going to get the right amount of bass out of this speaker. You’re going to get excellent crisp music. You know it’s not crispy in the sense that it sounds terrible or too overly sharp, but it just has a unique dynamic sound.

The base is so natural. Vocals and instrumental can be adequately heard without any distortion. So definitely no way that you’d be disappointed with this speaker.

Call quality is also useful as people from both sides listen clearly.

Battery Performance

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll get eight hours of battery life out of the speaker that’s what Bose advertises. But you will not get that much battery backup as this depends on the amount of volume and the content you are listening to. On the full charge, you will get 6 hours at the volume level 60-70%, which is not appreciated. When it is dead, you can charge it fully within 3 hours.


Overall the speaker is good, but I am very disappointed with its water resistance feature. You are going to spend around ten thousand rupees for this speaker, so we deserve a waterproof speaker. So, Bose speakers are generally high priced, and this is one of them. Of course, not everyone thinks that it’s an overpriced speaker, but at this spend, you will get better options from other brands like Sony SRS XB 32, JBL Charge 3, etc. These speakers have much better features that Colour 2.

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