JBL Go-The Cheapest Guy From JBL Family



  • Truly Compact
  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Voice Assistant Integration
  • Great Noise Cancellation
  • Highly Portable
  • No Water-resistance


8.3 x 6.8 x 3.1 cm


132 Grams

Battery Backup

5 Hours approx.

Charging Time

2 Hours approx.

jbl go
  • 1 Bluetoooth Speaker
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Waranty Card

JBL Go is one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers that we have seen, and also, one of the most inexpensive is retaining under two thousand rupees online. 

Inside The Box

The small box comes with a charging cable. There is also USB to micro-USB ports, so in case you lose this cable accidentally, you can use any standard charging cable for charging this.  A quick Start Guide user manual is there to guide you details.

Build Quality

JBL Go is very compact and lightweight, which looks very lovely and has an adorable rubber finish mesh, including finish upfront with JBL branding and a solid finish. All rubberized finish acts as the anti-slip.

On the right-hand side, you have the auxiliary input charging port and the small pinhole, which is probably for resetting it. You also have volume controls, a power on/off key, a Bluetooth pairing button, and a phone button to accept or reject calls in case there is a call. 

There is also an LED that is at the front, which indicates whether it is in pairing mode or connected mode etc. 

Another side you have a groove to hold it, or you know you put a loop through it.

Battery Backup

Coming to the Battery, JBL Go comes with Lithium-Ion polymer having a capacity of 600 mAh. JBL claims that this portable device has a backup of 5 Hrs. At the 50 to 70% volume level, you can easily get 5 hours backup. Also, it takes up to 2 hours to get fully charged from 0 to 100%.


To pair JBL Go, you need to long-press the Bluetooth icon, and it will blink faster, which means that it is now in pairing mode. On your phone, scan for Bluetooth devices nearby. Hit the JBL Go option that solid blue line indicates the same.  It has intense bass. It is very good for its size as well as the price. For two thousand rupees, you get something which is this compact and sounds very well. It comes with only one driver that is three-watt, but it is super. 

Sound Quality

When it comes to bass, it is a room-filling sound. So if you’re using it for a small room, you don’t need anything else for the party. You have a small speaker that you can easily carry around in your bag. Tie it with a loop with your bag, and you always have it with you.

The only drawback is, this is not a waterproof or water resistance speaker.

Final Words

If you want a portable speaker with minimum expectations, JBL Go is the best option. JBL Go will fulfill your dream of having a Bluetooth speaker. Getting a JBL Bluetooth speaker at only under two thousand rupees is a big deal. Don’t think much, go and get that.

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